Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Mariam Cheshire wrote to me via Good Reads about a month ago.  When I had a quick check on her bio I realized what a truly amazing person she is.  Mariam is 86 years old and embarking on a writing career and diving right into social media. Wow!
          I love this new era of publishing and communication where anyone can participate no matter how old, where they live, or their message.
         So, I asked Mariam if she would like to write a guest blog post for me.  A person like Mariam has a lot of wisdom to share with all of us.  And meeting Mariam and reading her wonderful essay I was inspired to open my blog to other writers who had something to share.
           You can read how to submit here.  Mariam certainly had an impact on me and I hope she will have the same effect on you.
          But for now, enjoy Mariam’s wonderful post and do support and encourage her by visiting her new blog and I would recommend buying her book The Alternate Safe World of  Sanctuary. Its received some rave reviews and at currently 99 cents for an e-copy its amazing value for you to be able to connect with this wonderful woman. 
          Mariam you have certainly inspired me. Thank you.

Where is your dream? by Mariam Cheshire

“I have a dream.”  These words are now building blocks in our history.
We hear the power of Martin Luther King’s voice and another small voice speaks inside of each of us.  “Do I have a dream?” 
The answer comes clear and true.
          You might be going from the tumultuous teens into the growing years of the twenties.  How does your dream appear?  Are there visions of someone to love,  a bond for the future and kiddles who would progress further than you do? Is this a time to conquer the business, the creative, the money world?  There might be hopes of  writing and travel.

         Then come the thirties.  Maybe the 20’s dreamer is too busy  to  think beyond what needs to be done today.  When children are in the picture the Friday night football games could take precedence over far away rainbows.   Goals could be tucked away in the desk drawer. Today’s schedule keeps the busy thirty-some person from pulling it out to check.  Where is the dream?
          When the forties come over the horizon there comes a skid, a halt and a look around.  Yes, the green lights flash on the road ahead  You can ask “Am I on track?”   
          If you haven’t reached the fifties yet, you will discover how quickly they merge into the sixties and seventies, even the eighties.  We are comfortable, we can settle here.  Maybe on rainy days we can take the dream out of the closet , dust it off, brighten it up.  No two people will make the same choice.  We hear Alexander Pope who has told us, “Whatever is, is right.”
          My dream of grade school years was pushed from start to stop, from give-up to a steady gallop. Despite getting mired down in mud from time to time, my dream came out of its cocoon.  At 86 I am flapping my wings wanting to fly!  When we follow our dream it becomes part of our being and turns into Reality as we grow with it.   
This blog is written to tell you . . . Take minutes from your busy life, brush away the cares of today and . . . 


       With love, I sign as mother, step-mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, correspondent and writer. 
Mariam Lewis Heiny Cheshire

Links for Mariam
The Alternate Safe World of  Sanctuary (Amazon) - http://goo.gl/DvCsp
GOODREADS - http://goo.gl/gYkqsu


          Mariam Cheshire, at the age of 86, is publishing her first novel, “the alternate safe world of Sanctuary”.  She began writing when she was six and her first rejection came from Liberty magazine. 
         In the third grade. Mariam clearly stated her ambition.  “I am going to travel and write.”  A paper box became filled with rejection slips, but successes with small magazines kept the typewriter working late on many nights.
         Travel became a Way of Life flying standby to countries around the world.  With a backpack carrying only the necessities she landed in the city of her choice and found a hostel or B&B with the bathroom down the hall.
         Mariam speaks of a wonderful life – writing - seeking family history in genealogy libraries - flying Cubs into the blue yonder – airline flights to faraway places - photography and printing in her own darkroom - painting oil landscapes with her mother - playing with rocks for one-of-a-kind necklaces - and always beautiful love.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please Rock Our World!

Do you want to write a guest post for my blog?

It wasn’t so long ago I was a newbie in blogging, twitter, Good Reads, Google+, and Facebook.
It’s been two years (September 2011) since I dived into this world. Through trial and error I now feel pretty confident using all the social networking programmes that are supposedly there to create an author platform to help you sell your books.
You know what I’ve discovered? If selling books is your goal then you will soon grow tired of maintaining your blogs, twitter and Facebook account, and the myriad of other social programmes out there.
What I have found is that this social networking world is filled with wonderful people who want to connect, share, enliven, encourage others, and learn. It astonishes me the time people dedicate to share their passion and knowledge with their connections, followers, and friends. And all for FREE.
You can try and sell your book to all these people with whom you’ve connected, but I figure, unless you’ve connected with them in a "non-using" way first, they probably are not going to be greatly interested in what you have to sell.  You become a social network door-to-door salesman and, in fact, something worse.  You become more akin to a crazy person running up to strangers on a street shouting, “Buy this! Buy this! You should buy from me because we are walking on the same street.”  I am sure you get the picture.
The friends I have made since entering this on-line world have become as real to me as my friends who live in my area, and I am so grateful to them and all those wonderful sharers out their I would like to give back. 
So, that brings me to my new idea.  I am full of ideas, just like an excited five year old—ask my husband who has to listen to them constantly.  
          I am offering a helping hand to you out there who may be new or even if you have been around awhile and would like to spread the reach of your message.  If you have a blog post and would like me to host it here and then after to continue to promote it on twitter and facebook, please email me at susanmay21@iinet.net.au.  Use the heading, "Blog Post."  
If I like your post I will put it up here for you and continue to promote it via my networks from time to time. For what its worth, I have around 35,000 followers across the social media I use which is growing daily by about 100. Most are on twitter.  You can also promote it as well.  See… then it’s a win: win proposition. I love those type of deals.

A couple of rules:
·     The post must be educational about writing or an experience in writing; or if not writing something inspirational that would encourage a writer. (I ask this because most people who follow me are writers, so I’d like to keep them happy.)
·       Keep it between 400 and 1,000 words. (if its outside this, please check with me).
·      Send at least three photos (they can be of yourself or pictures illustrating your points.
·      Ensure you add links to your website or where your book is sold and a short 2 to 3 line bio if you like. If you are taking the time to create a post of value then I want you to get some benefit from it.
·        Give me a snappy title to plug.
·    Proofread and spell check it. You want to put your best foot forward. (Sorry I haven’t got the time to do much in the way of editing.)
·         Don’t be annoyed with me if I can’t accept it.  I will send you a quick note why and if I think it can be changed to suit my site. Then you can change it or forget it.
·     I will let you know when your blog post is up and send you the link. If you want something minor changed once its up you can let me know but I can’t guarantee how quickly I can change.
·         I will put the blogs up when I can, in between my own writing. So don’t hassle me if it is not up the same day or same week. If I accept it I will put it up. I promise.
·     Follow my blog via the feeder you are most happy to use. Leave a comment on your blog post, like “Thanks for posting my blog. I love you, Susan May.” And then tick that you want to be kept updated if someone comments.  This way you can follow the comments and answer them if you like.

So, that’s it. Pretty simple. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing your interesting story or words of wisdom.  
Please rock mine and my wonderful friend's worlds!

P.S. I just found this video via a social networking author friend.  This is what it is all about: "Giving is the best communication." 

This Three Minute Commercial Puts Full-Length Hollywood Films to Shame
Courtesy of  Gawker.com