Thursday, November 28, 2013

I love this! Giving Back

Free Books at Bus Stops

How wonderful is this ad? Fill your bookshelf by Bookworld  

See what books do for people. They get them talking. They get them laughing. They get them sharing ideas. They get them missing buses! When I look at this video it makes me proud to be a writer and be part of that sharing of thoughts and worlds.

The bus stops were in Sydney at Bondi Rainbow Shelter and Melbourne at Wynyard Station stop.

I just checked out Bookworld and they have free delivery Australia wide and up to 40% discount on their books.  So, seems like a great deal to me and supports an Australian retailer. I've got nothing against Amazon but seems to me, we should support Australian innovation when we can.

Go visit Bookworld. I bet a company as innovative as this, provides a good service as well. Check it out and get your Christmas shopping sorted.

And while I am here, I shall have a little rant about the cost of cards.  I went to buy a card for my son the other day to say "Congratulations" on winning an award at school. Six bucks is what they wanted! That is $6.00 for a small piece of card with the words "Congratulations to you" written on it that will be thrown away the next week and forgotten. 

You can buy a book for that price and if you have an e-reader six books for $0.99 or two $2.99 books of household name authors. So, why would you buy a card?  Next time you go to buy a card, buy a gift voucher for a book instead and write on the voucher, which can double as the card, "I would have bought you a card, but I knew you would love this more. You can keep it forever and it may change your world."

Six bucks!!! That is crazy.  Who buys these cards?