Thursday, January 9, 2014

An Artistic Masterpiece. I loved CAVALIA

Normally I review films and books, but I was beyond thrilled to receive an invitation from the wonderful Eric, publicist for the French Canadian production CAVALIA currently running in Perth, Western Australia.  

Eric was kind enough to even allow my tough little critics to come along. These boys are spoilt for entertainment thanks to my job and it takes a lot to impress them. I’d heard from a few people that children wouldn’t enjoy it, especially boys who aren’t into horses. Well, let me set you straight on that. My eleven and thirteen-year-old boys loved it. So did my husband, who commented that it had the best music he had heard in a production of that type (we’ve seen a few Cirque du Soleils). In fact, I can’t imagine any age not loving it and being delighted by the spectacle. Certainly the audience on our night were so impressed they gave the cast a standing ovation.

Cavalia allowed the social media on our night to photograph and video so that we could share our experience.  They treated us like royalty with the full VIP package which included delicious hot and cold food and drinks. Then at intermission we enjoyed the wonderful desserts. According to the eldest son the Anzac biscuits were the best he’d tasted. We stopped him at four of the huge sugary treats.

Afterwards, we were taken backstage where we met some of the four-legged and two-legged stars. Then we met Spencer Rose Litwack, one of the performers who took us on a fascinating tour of the stables. Boy did we feel special. Eric even gave the boys a toy horse. Thank you!

You can receive the same treatment we did with Cavalia’s VIP tickets. If you can afford the splurge it would really be worth it.

Don’t miss Cavalia! It’s beautiful, amazing, memorable, and about thirty other superlatives that will tire you if I continue, and above all its truly magical. If can call theatre art. Then this is a masterpiece.

A picture paints a thousand words, so I will let the pictures and video urge you to not miss this opportunity when it comes your way.

If you are in Perth, Western Australia Cavalia will be here until January 19. (Bookings 1800-765-955). If you are in Canada or the USA, there is another show entitled Odysseo for you to enjoy. And after Perth, Cavalia heads to Abu Dhabi.

A few fun facts:
  • 43 horses perform representing 12 different breeds
  •  36 artists lead the audience into a world of dreams
  •  Most of the horses are bilingual. French and English
  • 200 crew members from 13 countries
  • 25 yards of imported silk are required to make one costume for a rider in Carousel.
  • 2,500 tons of sand and dirt (100 truckloads) are required to build the stage.
  • 150 people are required to erect the tents and work on the preparation of the site.
  • The set up takes 12 days and the tear down is completed in 3 days.