Thursday, February 13, 2014

From The Indie Side

About nine months ago I began quite the journey to alter the direction of my writing career, when I hopped over to the indie publishing path. It felt like I'd jumped from one train track to another. And the decision happened overnight, after I interviewed the well-known author Hugh Howey. It’s an interesting story, how a sequence of chance meetings led me to Hugh, but I’m not talking about that today.
Today, I would like to share with you a project that was put together over a period of six months with David Gatewood (my talented editor and, also, Hugh Howey’s and quite a few bestsellers' editor) and another indie author Brian Spangler.
From The Indie Side is an anthology of supernatural, science fiction, and horror stories written by twelve indie authors including Hugh Howey, as a project to show the quality of work produced by indies and to offer readers a sampler of works so they may discover new writers.
Aren’t we all a tad tired of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and James (multiple personality) Patterson?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find new, fresh authors writing in genres that they love, weaving amazing stories unfettered by a publisher demanding they write the same story as they did in their last book because that supposedly is what the fans want?

Some of these authors are, in fact, New York Times and USA Today bestsellers like Hugh Howey, Theresa Weir, Kate Danley and Ernie Lindsey. Others are Amazon bestsellers in their genre or as in Ernie Lindsey’s case with Sara’s Game have reached #2 overall on Amazon. Many are playing with the new worlds available to indie authors, like Kindle Worlds and Kindles Serials. Some, like talented Jason Gurley are developing businesses on the side from writing, creating covers for other authors that are works of art.
Kate Danley is playing with new ways of marketing in bundling her books with other Indie authors and enjoying incredible sales which you wouldn't believe if I told you. Most of the sales because she writes a wicked tale. She also has a bestselling Kindle Serial happening. 
And there’s bestselling Australian psychological suspense author Sara Foster who has never written in the science fiction genre but had the courage to try and she came up with a very human take on what could be the end of the world. She surprised me and will surprise you.
Mel Hearse delivered her first ever fiction story for the anthology. She’s an in-demand Australian freelance writer. You’ve probably read her stuff and not realized. But she wants some of the indie action, too, and you will not believe this is her first story. It’s that good. She’s madly now writing the book of the short story.
Anne Frasier has been around in the business for a few decades, and she has dozens of books and stories in her catalogue. She’s a hybrid. Sounds like a plant, doesn’t it? But just means she is traditionally published but also has self-published without a publisher.
BrianSpangler, Peter Cawdron, Michael Bunker, Jason Gurley are the new “cool” gang of authors writing in the science fiction genre. They are moving and shaking this genre and indie publishing writing so prolifically that their readers can’t keep up. And their ideas are different. I don’t doubt that in the years to come these will be the Robert Heinlen’s, the Isaac Asimov’s, the Ray Bradbury’s of this generation of writers. When you write as much as they do, you get very good, very fast.
And of course, there is Hugh Howey, the guy who turned publishing on its head, and continues to do so, with his Wool trilogy selling millions and his new book Sand selling like its gold.
And we've included one British author, so the home country didn't feel left out. Kev Heritage is a copy editor who decided to become an indie and whose debut book Blue Into The Rip is probably one of the best YA books you will read. He does everything himself: website, copy-editing, covers, marketing, and even makes his own tea. He’s a cool cat, too.
So where do I fit in? Little ‘ol me among this lot. Well when you want to hang with the big guys either you are a big guy or you come up with the idea. And that’s me—the enthusiastic Aussie ideas girl.
This book was just a suggestion by my husband, that I get a few authors together to create something a little different. But my husband should know by now, give me a crazy challenge and I'm all over it. Of course I never imagined the quality of authors with whom I would eventually unite. Somehow we authors found each other, and From the Indie Side came into existence on the 1st February 2014.
Today after seven days of travelling across the world, From The Indie Side landed at my house. In true indie style I videoed the unboxing. Apparently all the the trendy authors do this. So who am I to argue?
Below the video are the synopses of the included stories. Don’t they sound intriguing? And at the price we’ve set for the anthology, you can really buy two and gift one to a friend. Or read the anthology and click through and buy a book or two more from the authors. Each author has written a note inside to you, the wonderful reader, talking about their story, their feelings on writing, or whatever they thought you might like to know, plus links to where you can find out more about them. Indie authors are thoughtful like that.
So watch the silly video.  I didn’t have a chance to put on my makeup or do my hair (in fact it hasn’t had a wash for a few days). I just wanted to rip open that box straight away and hold this beautiful little creation in my hand that was borne from a silly impossible idea.
Drop me a line after you’ve read it and let me know what you think. Good, bad or ugly, I am happy to field all questions and comments. But most of all I would love you to support this endeavor by spreading the word if you enjoy it and leaving a review at Amazon or wherever you purchased it.
And if you would like to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in my indie world and my indie friends sign up for my wonderful reader’s club or "like" me on Facebook. Now I am off to read this wonderful, incredible book that I can hold in my hand with stories that wouldn’t have existed if not for an idea. 
But isn’t that how all great things start… with a simple idea? Maybe you have a simple idea. And there's something inside you telling you to follow that thought, because that is all you really need to do to create magic. Believe in you, and believe in your ideas and dreams. This could be you in six months, one year, five years, who knows. Come back and tell me what happened, because you dared. I love a good story, long or short...


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The Winter Lands (Jason Gurley) [United States]
Jason Gurley is the author of the Kindle Worlds bestselling novel Greatfall. He also created the cover art for From the Indie Side.
Jonathan Froestt lives alone in a retirement home. His family is gone. His friends are all dead. For over sixty years, he has been writing a novel, the pages collecting in his apartment in stacks. Nobody has ever read it. Until today.

Going Gray  (Brian Spangler) [United States]
Brian Spangler is a Amazon Top 100 author and writes supernatural and dystopian books. 
When their community is engulfed by a deadly, caustic fog, sixteen-year-old Emily and her family decide to escape to the one building they can think of that might be able to withstand the fog’s corrosive force: the shopping mall. But a trip to the mall has never been so desperate, or so terrifying.

Queen Joanna  (Kate Danley) [United States]
Kate Danley is a USA Today bestselling author and her Maggie for Hire series has been optioned for film and television.  Her book The Woodcutter won the Garcia Award for Best Fiction Book of the Year.
Thrust into a loveless marriage of state, Queen Joanna soon discovers her new palace is home to many dark secrets. And when a face in the mirror confronts her with a dire warning, she realizes her life is at risk. Has she awakened a curse—or been struck by madness? “Queen Joanna” presents a haunting twist on the legend of Bloody Mary.

Mouth Breathers (Hugh Howey) [United States]
Hugh Howey is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling WOOL series.
Moving to a new town, starting off at a new school, meeting new kids... it's never easy. And it only gets harder when the new town and the new school and the new kids are on a different planet. But sometimes, something happens that makes it worth all the trouble.

The Man With Two Legs (Ernie Lindsey) [United States]
Ernie Lindsey is a USA Today bestselling author. His book Sara’s Game was a #2 Kindle Best Seller on Amazon
Many winters ago, the man with two legs managed to escape the oppressive maiming rituals of Tritan’s government. Now he stands on a hillside overlooking the city, a bomb in his rucksack, determined to bring about two impossible results: his mother’s rescue and freedom for his people.

Cipher  (Sara Foster) [Australia]
Sara Foster is a freelance editor and an Australian best-selling psychological suspense writer.
When Beatrice leaves her family behind to visit her father, she never imagines she might not see them again. But then a bomb goes off close to home, and Beatrice must rely on a stranger’s help to find out what’s happened—and whether or not her husband and children have survived.

Made of Stars (Anne Frasier) [United States]
Anne Frasier (a.k.a. Theresa Weir) is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty-five books and numerous short stories.
A genius vampire named Sinclair creates an alternate world where vampires can experience a traditional human life of love, marriage, and children. Sixteen-year-old Gabriel is Sinclair’s beta tester and volunteers to fall in love with a coffee-shop girl. But when the pain of love becomes overwhelming, Gabriel questions his decision. “It’s too real,” he tells Sinclair. “You made it too real.”

Gyre-Witchery (Kev Heritage) [United Kingdom]
Kev Heritage is a popular U.K. author of fast-paced adventure fantasy and science fiction.
All Tam wanted was to be loved. Was that so hard? Made outcast because of her green eyes—the sign of witchery—Tamina, a well-meaning simpleton, is shunned by a superstitious people who blame her for the ills that have overtaken their small island. It was not her fault that she put on weight while the others starved, or that wild animals slunk at her side, or that men and women both desired and despised her. But change was coming, brought upon the back of a terrifying squall…

The War Veteran (Susan May) [Australia]
Susan May is an international award-winning short story author who also writes books.
For seventy years, World War II veteran Jack Baker has endured vivid flashbacks to that horrific June day
on Omaha Beach. But tonight, the flashback will be terrifyingly different. Tonight it becomes real. Tonight, Jack’s seventy-year-old secret will come back to claim him.

The Greater Good (Mel Hearse) [Australia]
Mel Hearse is a successful freelance writer whose work has appeared in Australian local, national and international well known titles like Cosmopolitan.
When Lanie wakes up in a hospital bed with no idea how she got there, she tries desperately to work out why she was on the old loop road that’s been all but abandoned by the locals. Thinking there must be an obvious answer, Lanie leaves no stone unturned in her quest for an explanation. But when all is revealed, she is left with only one question—and no good answers.

REDOUBT (Michael Bunker) [United States]
Michael Bunker is author of the acclaimed WICK series, The Silo ArchipelagoThe Last Pilgrims, and Pennsylvania, and the non-fiction bestseller Surviving Off Off-Grid.
Phillip is a militia commander who has planned for a decade to defend the pacifist Vallenses of Central Texas with his army if ever the world tips over and goes to hell. He never thought he’d be on a skiing trip to New Mexico when the end comes.

The Man Who Remembered Today (Peter Cawdron) [Australia]
Peter Cawdron is an acclaimed science fiction author from Australia
Kareem wakes with a headache. A bloody bandage wrapped around his head tells him this isn’t just another day in the Big Apple. The problem is, he can’t remember what happened to him. He can’t recall anything from yesterday. The only memories he has are from events that are about to unfold today, and today is no ordinary day. 

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