Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Truth is Finally Out There

(And its not what you think)


     One of the first questions anyone asks a writer is where do your stories come from?
   Today, a fellow Aussie author in FROM THE INDIE SIDE, Mel Hearse, and I made a decision that while were unboxing our author copies of the anthology that we would let the secret out of the bag about our talents.
    It’s not what you expect. 
   Mel and I are different to other authors and we have felt guilty for many months for letting readers and fellow authors believe that our talent is natural and God-given. Not so, I am afraid. It’s hard for “normal” authors to compete with us. We will take over the Amazon charts. We have experience with this.
     I hope once you have watched our FROM THE INDIE SIDE unboxing that you will still love us and still read our stories. If you haven’t already read FROM THE INDIE SIDE, you really should. Otherwise you will miss out on sharing how much you enjoyed it, not to mention you will miss out on reading it. A travesty. 
Here’s more information about the book and the authors on another blog post of mine: From The Indie Side Launch Blog

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Here’s what a few reviewers said. Most of them we didn’t hold up against a pole and threaten with a laser. They actually wrote these things of their own free will.

  • ·         A near perfect score on Amazon Five Star reviews: Amazon reviews
  • ·         From the first page to the last, “From the Indie Side” is sensational. Each story grabs you by the throat, squeezes, and doesn’t let go until long after you’ve finished.  –  J.M. LeDuc, Suspense Magazine          
  • ·         The sign of a good anthology is when you’ve finished one story and feel compelled to move straight on to the next. From The Indie Side is one of those. – Eamo The Geek Blog  Eamon the Geek Review
  • ·         From the Indie Side is a fascinating milestone for the independent publishing movement. If you want proof that Indie authors can write concise, beautifully turned out prose, then look no further than this collection of stories.Amy Eyrie author of the Pet Sitter Amy Eyrie Review
  • ·         Wow, what a gem! This anthology of short stories from these great Independent Authors will now be the standard, for me. Write of Mind
  • ·         A great anthology like this is akin to a sumptuous buffet of delicious foods prepared by gourmet chefs.  Scott Whitmore Review
  • ·         It is a true collective artistic endeavor with the same quality and polish you might expect from a Big Ink publishing company. Feet for Brains Review
  • ·         It's a collection about beauty, love, darkness and destruction that combines into an anthology of priceless pieces. Girl in the Woods Blogspot
  • ·         For someone just getting into indie authors, whether on the tails of Howey's huge success, or by the relentless assault indie authors have conducted on the e-book charts, this is a great entry point. Voxirati
  • ·         A great anthology like this is akin to a sumptuous buffet of delicious foods prepared by gourmet chefs. Scott Whitmore, author of Carpathia 
  • ·         Enjoyed every story, had problems putting the book down – Dexter Don
  • ·         You will fall in love with many of these authors and you will want to read more from them. –Stefano Scaglione
  • ·         Sit back and enjoy some very unique stories that you will fall in love with! – RG Dillon
  • ·         Each author’s singular vision comes through vibrantly and all of the stories in this collection are compelling and are never anything less than interesting. – Chris F   
  • ·         I'm not a huge fan of short story anthologies, as usually only one or two of them are worth the price of admission. Not so with From The Indie Side. – Ann Bresnan 

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