Thursday, May 29, 2014

HarperCollins launches direct-to-digital publishing list for new talent

Well, it had to happen. Publishers are now going direct to readers with their authors. Now, while all the self-published die-hards will say what's the point of them doing that when an author can basically self-publish themselves and keep all the money, I don't agree.  Some writers don't want to play around with self-publishing and the steep learning curve, and others like the idea of being accepted by a publisher. It gives them validation. I really get that.

So good on Harper Collins for first taking the step of having The Wednesday Post for submissions, and for then finding something to do with the manuscripts that they have discovered that they think are worth publishing.

Even though I'm a proud indie author, I know a lot of people behind the scenes in publishing, and after my recent visit to Random House offices I have great respect for what they do and how passionate they are about books.  I don't buy into this indies vs mainstream publishing war. Sure some people have probably had bad experiences, but there are a lot of people who have had great experiences with publishers. That is business. Just because the guy down the road's retail store doesn't turn a profit and closes down that doesn't mean mine, just up the road run by me with my skill and values, won't succeed.

So if you want to self-publish, go for it. Its great to have the control, but its a lot of learning and hard work. If you want to hunt down a publishing deal, go for it. It, too, is a lot of learning and hard work.  

What's your view on the indie vs traditional publishing route? I'd really love to hear from you.

For everyone who loves the craft, here is another opportunity...

 HarperCollins launches direct-to-digital publishing list for new talent

HarperCollins Australia has unveiled an exciting opportunity for unearthed writers with a new direct-to-digital publishing list. Harper Impulse ebooks are fun, fast-paced reads in all commercial genres from epic fantasy to erotica. The first tranche of titles will be released internationally on June 1.

The foundation authors include an ex police dog-handler, a mother of twin baby boys, a corporate trainer, a Lonely Planet writer and a university academic. Impulse Editor Kate Steinweg says, ‘it’s exciting to have a digital channel through which to introduce new talent we believe in. We’re looking for writers who know how to tell a grippingly good story, and have already found many wonderful authors through our newly launched manuscript portal, The Wednesday Post.’

HarperCollins Publishing Director Shona Martyn says ‘with the closure of many bricks-and-mortar bookstores, sadly it has become harder for publishers to launch new authors into print because of simple economies of scale.  Fortunately the ability to publish direct-to-digital means we can give even more authors opportunities to find their market. While some may eventually become print book authors too, the sales we are now seeing for ebooks in commercial and genre fiction mean that we can connect authors with readers fast and effectively.  We can also respond to reader demand and new publishing trends faster than we can in conventional publishing timelines.’

Impulse ebooks will be released on the first of each month through all major e-retailers worldwide.
Watch for them on the ebook bestseller lists!