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Interview with author Steve Sailah

Welcome to Steve Sailah, author of the debut novel A Fatal Tide, who is currently embarking on a blog tour to promote the launch. I’m really honored to kick off the blog tour here at An Adventure in Words. I thought a great way to start Steve's tour would be to ask him a few quick questions to whet your appetite for the rest of the tour where you can read reviews and more information on Steve and A Fatal Tide. Thank you to the awesome people at Random House for supplying me with a copy of A Fatal Tide and for organizing Steve to visit here.

To follow the blog tour, click over to on the 22nd July, 2014 and enjoy some time there with Steve.

Now over to Steve Sailah to answer a few quick questions on his book and writing.

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

My work combines crime, mystery and war. I link my fictional plots to the actual movements of a particular Australian Light Horse unit during the Great War.

Why do you write what you do?

I write what I like to read, and I mostly enjoy historical fiction. I had a particular connection with the Anzacs of Gallipoli, having interviewed some of them for the ABC in 1980 and returned to the battlefield with the aging veterans in 1990. Fiction allows me to imagine the emotions, experiences and dilemmas of young men who fought that war in a way that is relevant to today’s reader.

What is your writing process?

I get my usual distractions out of the way first – reading the newspaper, listening to morning radio, household chores, going to the gym, etc. — before meditating for half an hour on the day ahead. Then I sit down to the laptop and write or research for five or six hours.

What are you currently working on?

A sequel, part romance-part thriller, that moves the surviving characters of A Fatal Tide from the evacuation of Gallipoli to investigating a murder in Egypt during the ongoing war with the Ottoman Empire.

Something you may not know about me?

I enjoy motorcycling and being dragged along by my border collie Felix.

Thank you to Steve for visiting with us. I hope you have enjoyed your stay. We look forward to your sequel to A Fatal Tide.  Don't forget everyone to skip over to  to continue with the tour. 


Release Date:                        1st August 2014
Purchase in Australia:               QBD Bookstore & other good book stores
Publisher’s Website Info:          Random House

A powerful novel set in Gallipoli, that's part war-story and part mystery. 'Amid Gallipoli's slaughter he hunted a murderer . . .'

It is 1915 and Thomas Clare rues the day he and his best friend Snow went to war to solve the murder of his father.

The only clues – a hidden wartime document and the imprint of an army boot on the victim's face – have led the pair from the safety of Queensland to the blood-soaked hills of Gallipoli.

Now not only are Thomas's enemies on every side – from the Turkish troops bearing down on the Anzac lines, to the cold-blooded killer in his own trench – but as far away as London and Berlin.

For, unbeknown to Thomas, the path to murder began thirteen years earlier in Africa with the execution of Breaker Morant - and a secret that could change the course of history.


Steve Sailah is a former ABC foreign correspondent in New Delhi and Washington and the recipient of two prestigious Walkley Awards. He was a friend to several Gallipoli veterans, and returned to the battlefields with a number of them on the 75th anniversary of the first ANZAC landing. His ABC documentary, Stories from Gallipoli, was republished in April 2013.

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