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Film Happenings 5th March 2015

It's not a great crop of film releases this week, and I even have a good rant about Unfinished Business and its ilk...

SEVENTH SON ✪✪✪  (opens 5th March) – Screens at most cinemas   
My Thoughts
The critics have panned Seventh Son and I can see why. It is a bit silly and overacting abounds, but oddly I enjoyed it more than I expected. It’s from a YA book and, as far as book-to-screen conversions go, it certainly isn’t the worst I’ve seen. Jeff Bridges does deliver a very strange accent (cross between Rooster Cogburn and Big Lebowski) as Master Gregory the witch hunter, which makes him a little hard to understand, but I found it moved along at a reasonable pace. My 14-year-old son thought it was okay, but the fight scene at the end was a bit lame. If you like films like Percy Jackson then you will most likely enjoy this. 

Film Blurb
In a time long past, an evil is about to be unleashed that will reignite the war between the forces of the supernatural and humankind once more. Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges) is a knight who had imprisoned the malevolently powerful witch, Mother Malkin (Julianne Moore), centuries ago. But now she has escaped and is seeking vengeance. Summoning her followers of every incarnation, Mother Malkin is preparing to unleash her terrible wrath on an unsuspecting world. Only one thing stands in her way: Master Gregory. In a deadly reunion, Gregory comes face to face with the evil he always feared would someday return. He has only until the next full moon to do what usually takes years: train his new apprentice, Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) to fight a dark magic unlike any other. Man's only hope lies in the seventh son of a seventh son. (c) WB

FOCUS  ✪✪✪ ½    (opens 5th March) – Screens at most cinemas   
My thoughts
Focus had potential to be a great film. Gorgeous leads, exciting locations, and an interesting premise. I mean, who doesn’t love a con caper?  It’s all just too contrived and the reveals are just not good enough to make it worth your while. Will Smith, who most filmgoers like, but really his films have been pretty average, struggles in the role of the veteran conman who takes the innocent Jess under his wing. Australian Margot Robbie as Jess is gorgeous in this and if not for her charm, the whole thing would be really a drag. The screenwriters are well-experienced with a list of fun, interesting films like I Love You Phillip Morris, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Bad Santa.  But this is so way off a satisfying watch I think it is the audience who pay money to see it who are being conned.

Film Blurb
In the midst of veteran con man Nicky's latest scheme, a woman from his past - now an accomplished femme fatale - shows up and throws his plans for a loop.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS ✪  (opens 5th March) – Screens at most cinemas   
My Thoughts
Prepare yourself, my wonderful reader, for a rant.
Films such as Unfinished Business are starting to really make me cranky. I am sick of the stereotypical characters being foisted on us by unimaginative studios. If this batch of stupid, supposed comedies (and I say that loosely because they’re barely funny) are anything to go by then either the screenwriters are living in the past or America is really one sad country.
For a start I am sick of the ridiculous sex jokes. They’re not funny!!! Penises hanging out of doors are not funny! People having sex in weird positions is not funny! Making fun of overweight people is definitely not funny and not cool. And portraying binge drinking as something great, relaxing, what cool people do, is beyond not funny and ridiculous based on what we now know of it as something that is a health risk and destructive in society.
So why are we getting these stupid films like Unfinished Business, The Interview, Horrible Bosses 2 being made? Well, blame Bridesmaids and its ilk I suspect. Hey, I loved Bridesmaids, too, but that didn’t mean I then wanted all my comedies forever after served from the same barrel with the bulk of them now coming from the bottom.
If you believe the characters in this film, then people who are unfortunate to grow up in community homes are imbeciles, overweight children are always bullied, wives know very little about the finances of their own home, it’s okay for little girls to beat up other kids at school, older men are usually dirty old men, and everybody just loves to party and sleep around.
Seriously, don’t see it. Send Hollywood a message we don’t want this rubbish being made anymore. 

Film Blurb
A hard-working small business owner (Vince Vaughn) and his two associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco) travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable - and unimaginable - way, including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit. (c) Fox


   Leonard Nimoy died on Saturday at his home in Los Angeles from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease related to smoking. He hadn’t smoked for 30 years.
   I am a Trekkie from way back and when I was a kid I loved Star Trek. When I owned my own video game business in the nineties, my business even sponsored the 11pm Star Trek Next Voyager show on Channel Ten.
Did you know that the Vulcan hand sign he made with the two fingers separated which became the universal sign for Live, long and prosper was based on a Jewish blessing?
   It is so very sad to hear Leonard Nimoy, who was so fabulous as Mr. Spock the Vulcan, has left us. Live long and prosper  CLICK HERE FOR MORE


Friday 13th March at Camelot Outdoor Cinema
hosted by Famous Sharron!

What better way to celebrate Friday the 13th by with a Muriel's Wedding Sing-Along hosted by Famous Sharron! Sing along to all your favourite Songs in the Sing-A-Long edition of Muriel's Wedding! MURIEL'S WEDDING remains an ABBASOLUTELY joyous movie experience where ABBA charts forever, dags rule, bitchy friends get what they deserve, and Muriel finds that success is definitely the best revenge!


LOTTERWEST FESTIVAL FILMS - Somerville & Joondalup Pines

For Tickets and Times:  CLICK HERE
GIRLHOOD  2nd to 8th March at Somerville
THE WONDERS  9th to 15th March at Somerville
BREATHE 10th to 15th March at Joondalup Pines

LUNA Outdoor Cinema Leederville

For Tickets and Times: CLICK HERE
THE IMITATION GAME  Thu Mar 5 & Fri Mar 6.  Nominated 8 Academy Awards
THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING Sat Mar 7 Nominated for 5 Academy Awards
THE ROOM  Sunday March 8 A crazy immersive evening of entertainment like no other. Hosted by Tristan Fidler.
AMERICAN SNIPER Mon Mar 9-Wed Mar 11. Nominated 6 Academy Awards

CAMELOT Outdoor Cinema

For Tickets and Times: CLICK HERE
FLICKERFEST– Best of Australian Shorts running 5/3 to 8/3
BIRDMAN- Mon 9 March

CINEMAS are at Burswood, Mandurah, Murdoch, Bassendean and Curtin
For Tickets and Times: CLICK HERE
Burswood Highlights
PADDINGTON  Sat 6/3/15

In the next week you might like to catch these highly recommended films:
BIRDMAN – The big Oscar success
IMITATION GAMEAlan Turing biopic

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