Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's my birthday, and I'll smile if I want to

Thought for the week

It's my birthday this week. I don't enjoy celebrating my birthday much. Yeah, yeah, I know I should and all that, but I don't like my life interrupted by all the shenanigans. Oddly, too, especially if you know me with my outgoing personality and my want to happily get up and give speeches before hundreds of people if need be, I just don't like being the centre of attention in a small group.
  This year I've decided I shall give in to it all and I've agreed to go out for dinner with my family. It's a bit of a milestone birthday... another thing I hate, too. Why is one more important than another? I've decided, though, that I'm so grateful to have made it to this age and to be enjoying such a wonderful life filled with my lovely family, so much diversity, and so many great people that I'm going out to celebrate that. 
   Thanks to my late life career change to writer (during another milestone year five years ago), I now have fascinating friends across the globe who have achieved some amazing things in their lives. I've got a friend who just attended the Mad Men wrap party and whose book is being made into a big Showtime series, another friend in New York who has won two Oscars, more friends who are New York Times bestsellers, a bestseller author friend in the U.K., a director whose film has won countless awards in film festivals. (Yes, I am living vicariously through my talented friends.) Then there's  some close to home fabulous people in film, television and publishing who sit in darkened cinemas with me every week and have become my pals. Of course, there's my forever suffering husband (trust me you don't want to live with a writer) who is my soulmate, my encourager who knows me like nobody else, my beautiful sister, my old friends who aren't part of my writer life, but have simply won my heart by being loyal and true. What a life to have all this abundance of friends.
   It's been thirty years since my father passed away and thirteen since my mother, also, passed. I sometimes wish my dad were still here, so I could share my writing career with him. He was always such a book worm and encouraged me to write when I was young. He knew my heart was in the storytelling world.   My mum was a real go-getter and a world champion table-tennis player. She would have loved what I'm doing, too. Even though, I'd love to share with them what I've achieved since they left us, I think the thing they would be most thrilled about is that I found my way to happiness.
  And that's what I'm going to celebrate on my birthday, not that I was born let's say twenty-five years ago (that's my line and I'm sticking with it), but that I'm happy and grateful to be contented with my lot in life. I like getting older. I don't like the wrinkles or the achy joints, but I like the perspective. So on my birthday, I'm not going to celebrate how many years since I was born. I am going to celebrate that through all the ups and downs of those years I've managed to navigate my way to happiness and to find what I love to do... writing. Happiness... that's the most wonderful gift and achievement  I could ever receive on my birthday. 
   Happy happiness day, Susan. May you live long and prosper.

How do you feel about your birthday?

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