Monday, September 7, 2015

Deadly Messengers Proof is here

Or how a book had a great holiday on my dime!

   Well, the miracles of the modern world and airfreight have combined to allow me in Perth Western Australia to order a proof of my book Deadly Messengers from the east coast of the USA, some 11,439 miles (18,409 kilometres) away and have it delivered here in Perth on Friday at 10:30am.
   Along the way, this little baby has had quite the holiday, which obviously explains why the proof cost less than $10, but the freight cost me something close to $A40 to get it here. But, I can't have my wonderful readers reading copies of my book unchecked and that release date of 30th September is coming up fast.
 For your viewing pleasure (actually probably not a viewing pleasure), here is the grand unpacking video of the very first printed copy of Deadly Messengers, the book we all know will  go on to sell millions around the world. (Did I hear someone out there clearing their throat?) Well, ya gotta be optimistic, doncha?

   Deadly Messengers has actually garnered some amazing reviews and is enjoying quite the buzz around Good Reads since I put it up there about four weeks ago. As of today, it's been added by over 200 readers and already received 65 reviews, all positive bar a couple. The reviews and the words of complete strangers who've told me they love the book, with some saying it's one of the best books they've read in a long time, have been overwhelming. I've had tears, people. Really. An author dreams of readers universally responding to a book that way. What's surprised and thriller me is that the amazing comments are coming from all ages, male and female, and all around the world: USA, Canada, Australia, India, U.K., New Zealand, Italy, Belgium, and more. And its, all ages, too, from people in their sixties to cool young, twenty-somethings. Somehow, the story is entertaining across ages and cultures. I truly can't believe it.
   I've also noticed that most people seem to read the book in one to three days from the time they start. One reader said they only meant to read the first chapter and then couldn't stop. Another wrote me that she ended up not doing her housework, while another said she kept wishing she was at home reading instead of at work. You don't know how that thrills a writer to hear all these kind of comments. 
   The last two weeks I've had a horrible persistent head cold. I should have gone to bed and rested, but I haven't been able to rest with the steady stream of enthusiastic emails and messages sent by readers. 
   I don't care, though, how sick I am. You know what I've discovered? The best thing for a cold isn't vitamin C. It's wonderful readers taking the time to tell an author how much they've enjoyed their book. With that, I can run a marathon or climb the tallest tower, or keep editing this next book The Troubles Keeper, when I just want to put my head down and sleep.
   My books are reader-powered entertainment, so thank you all my early readers, I feel turbo-charged.
    Deadly Messengers is currently on pre-order at your local Amazon story for only 99c until the 30th September, and for a few days after. Order now so you don't forget and discover why everyone is saying it's a book you can't put down and why terrifyingly it could be torn from the headlines.

DEADLY MESSENGERS is released 30th September 2015

Available in e-book and paperback worldwide. Here's a few of the Amazon sites, but it's available from every Amazon store for $US99c or equivalent in other countires for a short time only.

3 massacres, 2 detectives, 1 writer, 0 answers
Freelancer Kendall Jennings writes fluff pieces for women’s magazines. When a horrific massacre occurs at CafĂ© Amaretto, she scores an exclusive interview with a survivor. Suddenly, she’s the go-to reporter for the crime. 

   Investigating veteran detective Lance O’Grady and his partner Trip are tasked with finalizing the open and shut case. Seven people are dead at the hands of an unprovoked killer wielding an axe. It seems simple.

   Then another mass killing occurs. This time, arson, and ten eldercare facility residents die in the blaze. Both killers die at the scene. The crimes have no motive, and Lance O’Grady is left wondering how evil can strike twice.
  Then it happens again. Even more shocking: a mother with a gun goes on a rampage at a family birthday party.
   The killers share one odd detail: none have a murderer’s profile. No history of violence, no connection to terrorists, no vendettas. Ordinary citizens suddenly became killers. 

Drawn deeper inside the crime investigation, Kendall finds herself not only clashing with O’Grady but also struggling with old demons. O’Grady resents Kendall’s involvement as her presence provokes memories of a personal tragedy.

   O’Grady and Kendall are caught up in a plan greater reaching than the crimes. They just don’t know it. Someone is sending a message. And unless they can decipher the meaning, very soon, many more will die.
   Deadly Messengers is a page-turning thriller taking readers into the minds of mass killers in all their disconcerting madness. It poses the question: Is there a killer lurking inside everyone? The answer could prove more frightening than the crimes.


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