Thursday, January 28, 2016

The night I rode a Unicycle or why I love La Soiree

La Soirée
Fringe World Festival
Date: 27th January to 6th March
Time:  Various times in the evening. Check Website.  
Location:  Northbridge & Elizabeth Quay  Details and Booking


   Well, now I can say I’ve done everything (except skydiving, I’m not ever doing that). I’ve dived with sharks, snorkeled with dolphins, skied around the world, ridden horses when I was younger (I owned one), camels, eaten weird and wonderful things on my travels, whatever sounds fun given speeches to several thousand people, hosted film previews, but my experience courtesy of La Soirée takes the cake … or the unicycle … as it happens.

   One of the performers, Mario Queen of the Circus, named for his love of Queen music, was harassing the girl seated next to me to come on stage. She wasn’t having it. He looked at me: “Will you do it?”  
  “Yep,” I replied. I’m quite comfortable on a stage. No problems there. That was until he asked me had I ever ridden a unicycle before?
   Ahh, that would be a no, Mario, and as the stage is the size of a large, round, dining table, I didn’t really love the idea of trying it here in front of several hundred people either.
   I soon learned, directly after I sat on stage as he performed a striptease act (directed at me) down to his strongman suit, to the dulcet tones of Queen, my lack of skill on a unicycle was not a problem. I didn’t have to ride the thing. He would just whip me up on his shoulders (some feat as he is of slight build and shorter than me), and then hop on the unicycle to do a twirling circuit around the stage.
   Yes, I was terrified! The ringmaster standing next to us to offer physical support as Mario (with me on his shoulders) climbed aboard the unicycle, reassured me, whispering “It’s okay,” several times. This didn’t calm me much at all. It was high up there, and Mario wavered and staggered about (probably on purpose to terrify me even more) as he threw out comedic lines to the audience and me about fear .
   Finally, the longest minutes of my life were over, and I was back on the ground hugging Mario (we’d shared something deep and profound … terror and laughter). It took a good five minutes for my heart to slow; I’m not kidding. My husband, darn him, didn’t take video or a photo (seriously, how could he not? I really needed proof for the grandkids one day). So, to give you an idea, I’ve included photos of another person I found when I Googled. I repeat these are not me, but exactly the same banter and show. Video here is of another person, but its identical to my experience. 

As far as La Soirée goes overall, this is the second time I’ve seen it at the Fringe World Festival, and I don’t believe you will enjoy any entertainment as much as this. It is a MUST SEE. Even if you have seen the show before, many of the acts are new and just as spellbinding and humorous. We particularly loved the bubble act. You will marvel at the mesmerizing creations conjured by the simple act of blowing bubbles. 
   Seriously, Perthites, go enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the Fringe World Festival. Terrific fun. We had a meal before at Positanos Northbridge (great value Italian food), which was delish and wandered up to the La Soirée Spiegeltent forty-five minutes early to ensure we had good seats (it’s first in, first served.) Probably one of the best nights, we’ve enjoyed in years. 
   And yes, I did enjoy my first and last ride on a unicycle and being part of the circus.  Needless to say, I won’t be running away with the circus any time soon. I sure love visiting, though.

Theatre Blurb

   The smash hit sensation of Fringe World 2015 is back! Impossible to define and impossible to resist, prepare to be amazed, amused, appalled, aroused, shocked, stirred and shaken as you enter the sexy, funny and dangerous world of LA SOIRÉE.

   Reviving the passion, heart, unforgettable style and good old-fashioned showmanship that made them favourites across the globe, these artists will present their twisted take on cabaret and variety in LA SOIRÉE.

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