Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to dance like nobody's watching or my review of Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist's Show

After I reviewed Matt Hale's fantastic show, I made a big mistake. I opened my mouth on air at CurtinFm last week and said I had half a mind to go back and try the show hypnotised to report back.  

"That would be great. You should do it," suggested Jenny Seaton, the on-air host. So then I mentioned it in passing to one of Matt Hale's publicist who is also a film publicist. 

"Let's get him to come to the station and hypnotise you on air," she said.

So somehow it's all come together and on 31st March at 2:10pm Perth West Australia time, I will be doing my movie review spot under Matt Hale's control. As you know, I ended up on the shoulders of a guy on a unicycle on a little stage during a La Soiree show recently (Story here). So now I'm wondering if I dare go out anywhere. 

Jokes aside, I'm a tad nervous. Check out this article and video of when Matt dropped into the afternoon show of Radio 94.5 to see what can happen to an on air announcer.   By the way, Matt, I don't speak Wookie! 

Should be great fun, so put it in your diary. Even if you're not in Perth, you can always tune in via digital radio to Hopefully, I can get an air-check to post up here, too.

Don't miss Matt's show if he comes to your city. He is so entertaining and truly amazing.
Matt Hale’s Website

100% Chicken Free - Matt Hale Comedy Hypnotist      
Fringe World Festival
Date: 10th February to 20th February
Time:  Various times in the evening. Check Website.  
Location: Soba Stadium @ Noodle Palace at Central Institute of Technology 

First up, as you read this review, you are becoming sleepy, and when you finish this review and wake up you will believe absolutely that Susan May is the greatest writer on the planet and will immediately buy all her books.

   The Fringe World Festival has been amazing this year. What I’ve loved is the pop-up areas, where local buildings and spaces have been turned into bars, show venues, and pulsating entertainment areas. Love it!
   To see Matt Hale, we climbed up a temporary two story staircase to find ourselves on the roof of the Central Institute of Technology, now temporarily renamed The Noodle Palace. It’s populated with various bars, DJs playing loud, thumping music, and hundreds of people enjoying the Perth open air. Lecture theatres and rooms have become venues, and you find yourself winding your way down fire escapes and through school halls to attend your event.
   The Soba Stadium is a lecture theatre, seating probably around 200 people. While the stage seems too small to squeeze in about 15 people, all willing to be hypnotized, Matt Hale’s huge personality certainly overcomes this minor challenge.

   It’s an amazing spectacle to be so close to people falling under his spell. You keep looking to see if it’s fake, but as he weeds out those who have not fallen into a deep trance (this took a good fifteen to thirty minutes), you realize this thing is really happening.
  His banter is amusing and professional and while those under his influence certainly do hilarious things, Hale shows them tremendous respect. Other than one guy dancing around every time music played, really it was more us laughing with the participants rather than at them.
   The one thing I really wished was that I could have been hypnotized myself. I did think about it (after all, I’ve already been on the shoulders of a guy on a unicycle on a tiny stage, so it couldn’t be worse), but then how would I review the show for you?
   I spent most of the show with my mouth agape in wonderment. It’s not expensive, and it’s a brilliant show. Do not miss it.

Theatre Blurb
   Do not miss this! Real hypnosis, real fun…and no chickens! Globetrotting, award winning Comedy Stage Hypnotist Matt Hale returns to Perth with his brand new show (suitable for all ages). After packed shows at 2015 Fringeworld, filming a new TV show, and touring internationally, Matt’s back with his modern brand of hypno laughs, hypnotising volunteers with hilarious (but tasteful!) consequences as their imaginations work overtime! Enjoy the show from stage or audience…the choice is always yours in this volunteers-only show. So, what will YOU do?!!!  Matt always ensures those who take part have the best time out of everyone.
And did we mention……100% CHICKEN FREE…GUARANTEED! Winner of 3 national comedy awards, Matt has hypnotised people all over the world from London to Vegas (where even Mike Tyson told him “You are AMAZING!”. He's appeared in media as diverse as the UK's tabloids, BBC, ABC, Today Tonight and has been included in the National Film and Sound Archive and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. He has also released his own range of hypnosis products.

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