Friday, February 12, 2016

Interview with author Sara Foster

My interview with Sara Foster is here:

I recently enjoyed the company of Sara Foster who happens to be another Perth author. She's a smart woman, very busy, and knows how to weave a mystery. She joined me as part of the ’11 ways to read a book’ blog tour to celebrate the publication of All That is Lost Between Us. 

Enjoy our twenty minute chat on her inspirations, how she manages to juggle the demands
of the busiest life you can possibly imagine, and what film, book, and recipe she would take with her if aliens spirited her away, but allowed her a few favourite things.

I'll be posting our chat on Apple iTunes as a podcast on my Films & Book Stuff Podcast, but until it wangles its way through Apple's systems for approval, you can listen to it by CLICKING HEREAnd for those who haven't yet heard about All That Is Lost Between Us, (where have you been, seriously?) you can read my review below. Then go straight out and buy the book.


In recent years, the rise and rise of the cleverly named domestic noir has taken us inside the households of what appear, on the surface, to be normal homes populated by very normal people. Superstars of the publishing world have emerged writing these tales: Australian author Liane Moriarty with The Husband’s Secret, Gillian Flynn’s with Gone Girl, and  most recently Paula Dawkins’ and her mega-selling debut Girl On The Train.

Sara Foster joins these ranks with her latest release All That Is Lost Between Us. This story takes us to the beautiful and, as it turns out, dangerous Lake District in England, where we meet teenager Georgia and her family. The opening chapter of the book dramatically finds Georgia and her friend injured in a hit and run accident. Later we begin to wonder was this a random event or was the car purposely driven toward the group of friends.

Told in multiple perspectives, slowly and carefully Foster reels us into the lives of these characters who all carry heavy secrets. A wife who worries about the solidity of her marriage, a husband whose loyalty is tested, a daughter who has made some life-changing bad decisions with a secret that might ruin everything, and a brother who bears the burden of newly found knowledge about his sister which he doesn't know what to do with or, if in fact, he should do anything.

This is a book that takes its time revealing its character’s lives and the decisions they have made that bring them to this moment. Domestic Noir style stories fascinate us because we see part of ourselves and the consequences of certain life choices within the story. All That Is Lost Between Us is a worthy entry into this landscape of page-turning novels where secrets are the currency and unforeseen reveals are the reward.

My review copy of this book was kindly supplied by Simon & Schuster Australia in exchange for an unbiased review. 

For more information on this book or its author, please visit Sara Foster's website:

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