Friday, March 11, 2016

Finally, they are here!

Finally every single book I've published is here in my hands in paperback. Well, the proofs are, anyway.

I'm really thrilled with them. My husband makes the covers. No, he's no designer, uses a ten year old program we found on an old computer.  This proves you don't need expensive designs to do well. My three novels sell like crazy. Back Again at the moment has been #1 in Time Travel on USA Amazon for the past week, and it outselling all the big guys, like Stephen King's 11/22/63, The Martian (yep, the book that turned into the Oscar Nominated film), and the WayWard Pines book that has it's own TV show, just like King's book.  

I got nada on any screen, but I must have a few wonderful readers spreading the word.

Just a few minor adjustments and that is that. I can get on with finishing The Troubles Keeper, the book everyone keeps writing and telling me to "Hurry up and finish."

I don't know about these unboxing videos, but apparently us Indie authors are meant to do them. Anyway, now it's there for posterity. If you are a writer working on your first book, yes! it does feel great every time.

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